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Peer Resource's List Article  

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"Friends, Falcons and peers, lend me your ears...."


    Project Description

    Got Advice? We know you have a lot of ideas about stress, peer pressure, friends, love and more.  Now you need to find great resources to back up your good ideas.  You are going to find two great resources, describe the site, and how it could help your peers.  You will turn this list into a List Article, kind of like a brochure.  When you are all done you will turn your information into a Pintrest page to share with the school and to maybe go viral!




    What it should have (checklist)



    _____ A creative title that encourages the reader to read the article.


    _____ Title is in large letters.




    _____ An opening hook/sentence that get the reader interested in the topic (statistic, short story, quote, 2 questions)


    _____ Introduces the reader to the topic and explains why this topic is important.


    _____ Tells the reader what this article will give them.


    4 sections


    _____ Each section should have headings in large letters.


    _____ Each heading is creative and encourages the reader to read.


    _____ There are spaces in between each section and after each heading.


    _____ Each section has a paragraph that explains the section and why it is important.


    _____ Each question should include a quote from different source to include in your explanation paragraph.


    _____ Each section recommends an additional source of information for people to get more information.


    _____ Each section is written in a style that is interesting and engaging for middle school students.


    _____ Each section should have a picture (or at least one audio or video that best represents what is written in the explanation paragraph.




    ______ The conclusions emphasizes the main points of the article and how this information will help the reader.





    _____ Each sources is correctly cited at the bottom of your article.




    Project Reflection

    Project Reflection

    After completing your project, please fill out this reflection piece. It will go towards your participation grade on the rubric.
    1. What websites were the most helpful to you?
    2. What was your favorite part of the project? What did you enjoy best of all? Give an example? *
    3. What would you differently if you had to do this again? Why? *
    4. What did I know about research before I started? *
    5. What skills or tools did you learn about that you think you will use in high school?
    Taking notes
    Making a citation using Noodle Tools
    Using the notecards on Noodle Tools
    Learning how to put my research into a presentation
    Presenting in front of a group
    6. Any other skills?




     THE TOP 6:

    * Sites for Middle Schoolers to find the best information to make healthy food choices
    * Sites to make the best decisions about dealing with peer pressure
    * Sites to learn about communicating with parents, teachers and others
    * Sites on how to use social networking sites well as well as the dangers
    * Sites on how to have healthy relationships with others (friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family)

    Student Examples


    Project Example

    Eat Well, Eat Good, Live Long: 4 Tips on Healthy Nutrition

    Do you hate vegetables? Are potato chips part of your daily diet?


    It is no secret that eating is difficult for many of us. It is especially difficult when we are tempted to buy sugary beverages and only eat oily foods. It is also hard when we haven’t learned how to make vegetables and fruits delicious enough for our bodies to crave it. The good thing about not knowing is changing the way we eat so that we may be able to live a long life is just a matter of knowing how make something as healthy taste just as good or even better than the junk food we usually crave.

     This article will give you four great tips to eat healthy and still enjoy great tasting meals that we all deserve.



    1.   Soup Makes It “SOUPER”


    The salty taste that we often enjoy in your favorite bag of chips can be found in soups. Soups are a great way to eat vegetables without feeling like you are eating vegetables. Throwing vegetables like kale, brocolli, carrots, or lettuce into a soup of chicken broth or ramen is one way to eat healthy. If having a salty broth is not enough, adding spices or shredded cheese can make your meal more tastier. It also makes your vegetables softer and more easier to digest. Ibomu, an advocate for healthy eating among poor communities, states that soup is “cheap, packed with nutrients, and easy to prepare.” Who knows? You just might begin to appreciate the leafy texture of the vegetables. Remember to drink lots of water if your soup is very salty. It’s just as important as eating those greens.

     Click on the link below to learn how Khnum Ibomu uses soup to eat healthy.


    2. Jumpstart with Juice




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