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Ancient Mesopotamia Learning Centers Passport

Phase 1: Introduction to NoodleTools notecards and citation

Phase 2: Ancient Mesopotamia Learning Centers

  • Learning centers will be located around the library.
  • Each student will have a Passport to Ancient Mesopotamia (attached below) and must complete the activities for each center.
  • Students will work in small groups and spend 15 minutes at each center.  

         Grading Rubric
                Center                            Points

  • Technology                       10
  • Stable Food Supply          10
  • Gilgamesh                        10
  • Writing                              10
  • Religion & Daily Life         10
  • Government & Laws         10
  • Participation & Behavior   30
  • Neatness                          10

Stable Food Supply - Farming & Irrigation

Read the British Museum's:

Watch the video Irrigation in Ancient Mesopotamia

The Mesopotamians drew pictures of their crops

  • Draw a field with crops and irrigation canals.
  • Label your drawing


Invention of Writing

Watch The Development of Writing in Mesopotamia video

Look at these books:

  • Mesopotamia by P.F. Service, page 25
  • Science in Ancient Mesopotamia by C. Moss, page 22
  • Draw objects and numbers using pictographs or cuneiforms.


Other resources:


Writing: Pictographs & Cuneiforms

Cover Art
Science in Mesopotamia - Carol Moss
ISBN: 9780531159309

Mesopotamia - Pamela F. Service
ISBN: 0761403019




Farming & Irrigation

Watch the video (below)

Look at the slide show Geography & Irrigation

Draw a picture with a river, irrigation canals, and barley crops.


Government & Laws

Use this source / website:  Oriental Institute: Law & Government artificats

Create one notecard:

        Title of notecard: Artifact                         

Each notecard must have:

  • Title
  • Paraphrase in your own words!
  • URL + title of webpage

Extra Credit:  Make
a citation for the source.  



Read & explore Science and Inventions

Read Technology

Scholars believe that the Mesopotamians invented the wheel.

  • Why was this so important?
  • List two other things the Mesopotamian’s invented.


Story background

     Gilgamesh is one of the oldest recorded stories in the world. Gilgamesh is the King of Uruk. His father is mortal and his mother is a goddess. Gilgamesh realizes that he is part mortal and must eventually die.  Gilgamesh is a bad ruler. His subjects ask the gods for help, and the gods have the goddess Aruru create a man, Enkidu, who will be almost Gilgamesh's equal.

     Enkidu hears about Gilgamesh. He challenges Gilgamesh to conquer him and force him to behave properly. They struggle,but finally Gilgamesh throws Enkidu, who loses his anger and recognizes Gilgamesh as a true king. They embrace and become best friends.

      Gilgamesh longs to perform great deeds, so his name will be remembered. He wants to go to the cedar forest and slay its guardian monster, Humbaba. Enkidu is terrified, because he knows Humbaba, but Gilgamesh insists, and they prepare for the journey.


Read the story:

 Gilgamesh and the Cedar Forest

Literature expresses qualities a culture considers important.

  • What personal qualities do you think the story of Gilgamesh emphasizes?

Create a superhero:

  • Draw a picture of your superhero.
  • List the personal qualties that your superhero has next to the drawing.


British Museum: 


Math & Measurement

Mathematics & Measurements

  • List two ways math and measurements were used by the Mesopotamians.
  • On what was information stored?

Images of artifacts




The Standard of Ur

  • Bottom -- paying tribute to the new king (or bringing home war booty)

  • Middle -- bringing animals and fish for the banquet (or spoils of war)

  • Top -- banquet to honor the king (note the harp)



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