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Evolution Peer Lesson (Trusso)  

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Jeff Vanuga  / Nature Picture Library / Universal Images Group

Educational use only.
Fossil bat from eocene period, Fossil Butte NM, Wyoming, USA.

Online Library Resources

For current articles on various topics:

SIRS Issues Researcher

For general information:

Modern World History Online

Britannica Online

American History Online

Image Quest

Type search terms (See "Searching Tips" box) to get articles and other resources. If you have trouble linking to any of these sites, try the Ruth Asawa /SOTA Destiny Home Page links under "Databases."



    Educational use only
    A bacterial gene in protein synthesis

    Finding Reliable Web Sources

    You will want to make SURE that the sources that you cite in your research paper or project are RELIABLE. The first the link below is a worksheet to help you evaluate a website for its usefulness and reliability. (Pay particlar attention to parts 2 and 3.)

    The second link is an entire LibGuide on the subject of evaluating a website for its reliability and usefulness.

    Citation Help on DESTINY

    Click the link below to Destiny (SOTA Library's Home Page), and find the links under "Citation Help" on the top left corner of the page.


    Noodle Tools Access

    You may use Noodle Tools to create your Works Cited page in MLA format.

    To log into Noodle Tools:

    1. Log in with user name and default password: "noodletools"
    2. Go to My Account at top right.
    3. Edit and save profile
    a. Change password
    b. Optional: add email
    c. Enter two initials
    d. Enter last 4 digits of phone number
    e. Enter Google account:

    For students, use an "s" account

    For teachers, use "t" account



    John Cancalosi  / Nature Picture Library / Universal Images Group
    Trilobite fossils from middle cambrian period {Bolaspidella housensis} USA


    Ms. Trusso's

    Evolution: Peer Teaching Project



    Human Evolution? By Bryan Wright, CC License


    Search the Library Catalog!

    Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
    Advanced Search

    Searching Tips


    To find the books pictured here, look on the library cart of books selected for this class project.

    Try these search terms:

    "charles darwin"

    Note: putting quotation marks around two or more words makes the catalog search the entire phrase; otherwise, it will search the words individually. (See "charles darwin" above).

    1) Search terms: To find other books on this topic, use the Library Catalog box. Note that there are many different ways to search. A keyword search will give you the greatest number of results; some may not be useful. A subject search will hone in on books that are about the topic you type into the search box. An author search will find only books by that author.

    2) Write down the call number of books that look useful, and then look for them on the library shelves.

    Using Advanced Search:

    1) Click on "Advanced Search" under the Subject button.

    2) You may type in multiple terms using AND in between. For example, type "Charles Darwin" in the first box, and "evolution" in the second search box. Setting both terms to "keyword" will produce a wide selection of results, including books containing these words; choosing "subject" will narrow down your results to only books whose topic is "Charles Darwin" and "evolution".

    Using "OR" between terms produces MORE results; using "AND" between search terms selects FEWER results: only those containing both search terms.


    Genetic Researchers

    Rights Managed / For Education Use Only

    MODEL RELEASED. Portrait of British molecular biologists Dr Ian Hart (left) and Dr Richard Vile, who have conducted pioneering research into cancer gene therapy. These scientists from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, UK, have developed a method to 'switch on' melanoma cancer cells with a marker gene. Healthy cells treated in the same way remain 'switched off'. This demonstrates that melanin-producing cancer cells can be specifically targeted and activated. The aim is to use this genetic switch to express an anti-cancer gene which will help the body to destroy melanoma cancer cells. Photographed in February 1993."


    Genetic Research

    Gene expression evaluation. Technician (left) and plant pathologist loading samples for quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5 bacteria genes. PCR is a procedure commonly used in molecular biology that allows the estimation of the amount of a given gene sequence present in a sample. It is often applied to quantitatively determine levels of gene expression.


    Some of the Books in SOTA's Library (Use catalog to find others)

    These books are available on the library cart prepared for this project:

    Evolution - Linda Gamlin
    Call Number: 575 GAM
    Publication Date: 1993-03-15

    Cover Art
    The Origin of Species and the Voyage of the Beagle - Charles Darwin; Richard Dawkins (Introduction by)
    Call Number: 576.8 DAR
    Publication Date: 2003-10-14

    Cover Art
    The Third Chimpanzee for Young People - Jared Diamond; Rebecca Stefoff (Adapted by)
    Call Number: 599.93 STE
    Publication Date: 2014-04-08

    Cover Art
    Sudden Origins - Jeffrey H. Schwartz
    Call Number: 576.3 SCH
    Publication Date: 1999-03-25

    Cover Art
    Shaking the Foundation - Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution - Sylvia A. Johnson
    Call Number: 576.8 JOH
    Publication Date: 2013-01-03

    Cover Art
    Genetics 101 - Michael Windelspecht
    Call Number: 576.5 WIN
    Publication Date: 2007-05-01

    Genetics- Breaking the Code of Your DNA - Carla Mooney; Samuel Carbaugh (Illustrator)
    Call Number: 572.8 MOO
    Publication Date: 2014-04-15

    Cover Art
    DNA - James D. Watson; Andrew Berry
    Call Number: 576.5 WAT
    Publication Date: 2004-08-17

    Darwin's Ghost - Steve Jones
    Call Number: 576.8 JON
    Publication Date: 2000-04-11

    The Book of Life - Stephen Jay Gould
    Call Number: 576.8 BOO
    Publication Date: 2001-01-01

    Discoveries That Changed Science - Lois Markham
    Call Number: 500 MAR
    Publication Date: 1994-10-01

    Race and Human Evolution - Milford Wolpoff; Rachel Caspari (Based on a work by)
    Call Number: 576.8 WOL
    Publication Date: 1997-01-15


    Where to Find More Books & Resources



    John Cancalosi / Nature Picture Library / Universal Images Group Educational use only.
    Fossil insect - dragonfly. Early Cretaceous. Brazil


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