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Witness: 8th grade research project  

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2015 URL: Print Guide RSS UpdatesEmail Alerts

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Essential Questions

How did this person influence American culture and society?

How did this person's life experiences influence his/her career and achievements?


Instructions and Expectations

4/20/15 Today's Task

Students will write evaluations of the resources added to their NoodleTools Biographies.

Students will find evidence that supports the Essential Question in each resource and create one Notecard in NoodleTools for each resource.

PART ONE: Evaluation of resources:

  1. From the Noodletools Bibliography for your project select the option: edit entry

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Annotation box

  3. Your evaluation of this article/website should include:

    1. why you trust this source for accuracy

    2. how this source helps you answer your essential question

    3. ways that you evaluated this source to ensure that is was trustworthy, timely and factual

  4. SUBMIT to save your work.

  5. Do this evaluation for both of your web resources for this project

PART TWO: Create your Notecards

  1. Your are looking for evidence from your article/website that helps you answer your Essential Question about your historical figure.  

    1. on the left side of the citation select view live web page

      1. this will take you directly to your source

      2. read the article/website and locate 1-2 sentences that offer substantial evidence that helps you answer your Essential Question.

      3. highlight and copy that sentence**

  2. Creating a Notecard:  There are 2 different ways to create a notecard (you will do either a or b.)

  1. On the Bibliography page where you see your saved Citation, find the word New under the word Notecards. Click on New.

    1. You will be taken to the new Notecard screen.

    2. Notice that the Source is already linked to your Notecard

  1.      b. From the upper navigation bar select Notecards

    1. Now click New Notecard

    2. Find the field that says Source and select the correct article

  2.      c. Begin to fill in the fields for your notecard.

    1. Title:  Very briefly what is this notecard about: childhood accident, scientific discovery, first instrument?  This title is not about the entire project; just the sentence you are quoting.

    2. Direct Quotation:  **This is where you paste the sentence you copied in Step 1.a.iii.   This must be substantial information that provides evidence for your Essential Question.

    3. Paraphrase or Summary:  Using your own words, tell about the information in this quote.  What did you learn from this quote?  You may refer to your source (the website, the author of the article, etc.) by using a phrase such as “According to..” You may use bullet points for details.

    4. You do not need to complete any other fields on this Notecard.  The URL is automatically connected to this Notecard if you correctly link to your source.

    5. Be certain you have linked your notecard to your article: Check the Source field!

    6. hit SAVE.

  3. You will create a Notecard for each of your 2 web resources.

4/7/15 Task: 

Find one web source and one database source. Create citations for each.

You may NOT use the website I gave you as your web source. One group member will create the citation for this source.

  1. Login to Noodletools and open your Witness project.

    1. From your project Dashboard update your essential question (information can be found on the LibGuide.)

    2. You will consider this essential/research question as you search for information.  Any article or website that you include in your Bibliography should help your group answer this question.

  2. Open the Witness LibGuide in another tab or browser.

    1. You will be referring to this throughout your project.

    2. The Information Resources Tab has a subpage: Databases.

      1. You can search directly from the widgets on this page or go directly to the Database links on the Library Homepage.

      2. The Information Resources Tab also provides some useful search terms that you might need when looking for valuable websites and articles.

  3. Search for resources:  Each group member will add 1 unique database article and 1 unique external website/ resource to the group Bibliography in the NoodleTools project.

    1. One member of the group will create a citation for the required resource provided by Ms. Gadye.

    2. Databases: Using WorldBook, Britannica, or any of the other library databases find an article or resource that provides information useful to your essential question for your historical figure.

    3. Websites/ Web Resources:  Using Sweet Search (widget found on LibGuide) as your search engine (not Google) and keywords for your individual and topic search for appropriate articles, websites and information.

  4. Create complete citations in Noodletools for each of your resources.

    1. Select Bibliography from upper Navigation bar

    2. Select citation type: Website or Reference Source> Database

    3. Create citation

      1. Consult the Noodletools “show me” slideshows for locating citation information:

        1. Websites

        2. Reference Source

March Task:

  1. Set up NoodleTools. Sign in to account, change password, create project, share with teacher dropbox, add student group collaborators.
  1. View NoodleTools tutorials. See Hoover Digital Tools and Resources LibGuide (different from the Witness LibGuide.)

  2. Review Essential Questions and Instructions in Witness LibGuide.

  3. View/Read the resources on the Witness LibGuide : Project Materials, Digital Tools, etc.  Visit this LibGuide regularly; it will be updated.

  4. Find 1 database and 1 web source that help answer the questions. Use checklist to evaluate. Look at video about databases on Library Homepage.

  5. Create citations within the NoodleTools Bibliography.

    Include an annotation for each citation.  This annotation must tell WHY this resource is helpful to answering essential question and HOW you evaluated the source.  

  6. Create 1 notecard for each resource for Essential Questions answers and items 8 and 9 below.

    Each notecard uses a direct quote from the resource as evidence that helps answer the essential question.   

  7. List this person's 3 most important contributions.

  8. Take notes on anything else you find INTRIGUING or that CONNECTS to the NOVEL.  What further questions do you have based on your research?


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